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Parker Lewis presents The Gathering


Parker Lewis
H7, 24 68159 Mannheim Germany
The Gathering at Parker Lewis

Fabe (Salty Nuts)

Tolga Top (Understate:ment)

Lion Bakman (The Gathering)

In late 2014, Berlin-based collective 'The Gathering' emerged on the scene with a series of large scale, multidisciplinary off-location events, taking over a former brewery, a warehouse complex, a old coin press and a railway repair station in the heart of the German capital.

Since then, they aimed to maintain that 'particular vibe' at their parties by putting accoustics and sound as the main focus, blending well-established underground pioneers with the scene's uprising prodigies.

After a series of successful events, it was a natural progression for the collective to launch their own vinyl label. Two of their residents, Fabe & Tolga Top, both hailing from Mannheim in Germany, have collaborated to present the label’s first EP.

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